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IS DIY Bookkeeping Actually A Money Saver?

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Money Management, Processes

Hey there, fellow business owners and money-savvy individuals! Let’s talk bookkeeping, shall we?

You know that age-old question: “Do you DIY your bookkeeping to save cash instead of hiring a pro?” It’s tempting, right? I mean, why pay someone else when you can do it yourself? But before you start crunching numbers on your own, let’s have a heart-to-heart about the pros and cons.

Sure, at first glance, DIY bookkeeping looks like a money-saver. Who doesn’t want to keep some extra dough in their pocket? But here’s the deal – bookkeeping is a big deal! If you mess up, it can lead to some serious financial headaches. 

Case in point: I am working on a clean-up for a new client. In this clean-up, I have uncovered $11,000 of overstated expenses, issue switch payroll and the liabilities,  and the money they thought they were saving DIYing is now going to me for clean-up fees.  

So, while DIY bookkeeping may save you on cost, what price are you paying?

Investing in a skilled bookkeeper can save your bacon in the long run. They’ll help you spot money-saving opportunities, optimize tax strategies, and keep your finances in tip-top shape. Who doesn’t want a financially healthy and stable life? 

Still not ready to pay a bookkeeper for monthly services? Consider collaborating with one who can do a quarterly review to ensure you are on track. We can help you with that!  Schedule a call today.

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